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.Friday, October 7, 2011 ' 4:29 AM Y


I ♥ my Teddy <3

.Friday, August 19, 2011 ' 7:03 AM Y
sometimes i feel that its so hard not to get angry when u dont keep your words.
its like you dont even put in effort

I ♥ my Teddy <3

.Thursday, August 4, 2011 ' 6:49 AM Y

(yawns. even i need a compainion. what more you ? )

I ♥ my Teddy <3

.Saturday, July 30, 2011 ' 10:08 AM Y

I know that you rule your whole world
Thought I could live in it
But I just can’t

You know you’re stomping the roses
Smashing out all the feeling inside of them
It’s bad business
The way you’re stomping the roses
Everyone knows it


I ♥ my Teddy <3

.Thursday, June 23, 2011 ' 9:02 AM Y
Cause even in my dreams ill be crying tonight
As fist makes contact, I tell myself I need to write with my right

I ♥ my Teddy <3

. ' 1:37 AM Y

emotions: UNKNOWN


hahas. still got lots of work to do. havent touch chem. but i will finish everything
sooner or later (=
stressed out with planning cell outing. still, HE clearly told me that if i
run away i will end up like jonah. hmm... i know He'll keep his promise to me and i
put my studies in his hands. i will put him before anything else and just trust him.
he will guide me to the path in life even if i screw up my Os. i know it.


crushed by the sweetest lips ive never kiss,
how i only wish but its all just a grand finish.
crushed by the softest hands ive always held,
somewhere in my heart thats what i always felt.
baby im so crushed.

And so Im left,
Short of breath
With that heavy feeling in my chest
Baby im so

Another night I'll be sitting here all by my own,
picking up the phone,
but I can't get past the dial tone
racking my brain, going insane.
Again and again, I can't keep going this way.

crushed by elise estrada(modified)


ive been thinking. about what i wanna be when i grow up.
i wonder. i really did. especially last night. where ill be after
the Os. will i even stay in river life church or if i will move
to (---- church)

ssc camp was fun yet fun at the same time. i missed my eeyorree
though. i bet it missed me too. haha !
it was fun but slack. haha. i think i will miss ssc when i graduate.
i will come back. definitely...

kinda hard to look at my fb photos now. like i look at the smiles on
my face. now it feels so fake. but those smile isnt lah. i really had
fun those times but now it feels so ... far ?
thats why i change my profile pic if u even realised.


Even though my heart
Is tellin me to stay, beggin me to stay
My self-respect is telling me
I gotta walk away, so

im gonna say what I gotta say
I'm gonna break what I gotta break

I'm gonna hurt I'm gonna cry
I'm gonna tear me up inside
I'm gonna do what I gotta do

unlove you elisa estrada(cut)


Nobody knows what shes holding back
She hides the bruises with the linen and lace...

It's hard to see the pain behind the mask
Bearing the burden of a secret storm

Though the wind and the rain
She stands hard as a stone
But her dreams give her wings
As she flies to a place where she's loved
Concrete angel...

Somebody cries in the middle of the night
The neighbours hear but they turn out the light
A fragile soul caught in the hands of fate
when it comes to morning it will be too late.

concrete angel by DJ boonie(cut)

I ♥ my Teddy <3

.Friday, May 6, 2011 ' 7:04 AM Y

yummy. chocolate makes my day :)

haiz. the sec 4 ssc supposed to be able to play the interclass games. it is
our last year to play. but now. change to we must what the
crap can ? totally fair to the sec 4 hor. this year our last year to play u
know and thanks. totally for getting my hopes of getting to have fun on
interclass games with 4E for ONCE before i graduate. THANKS A LOT. REALLY.
SSC U REALLY ARE THE BEST. aiya, doesnt matter lar hor. im the only one
that is this upset anyway.ill still do it. the next thing u know, u'll ask
us to work on the syf concert. HAHAHA.

miss netball loads.

got a maths paper and science mcq left. oh ya. and listening comphre.
a bit no mood to study liao hor. play mood has been activated.

mouths of people constantly moving,
noise keeps rising.
yet i dont understand a word,
yet i cant hear the voice of tthe world.
want to be tuned only to u,
cause i dont want to be like those fool.

I ♥ my Teddy <3


yo peeps. guess who ? VVVANNNESSA! borned on the 11sept to do God's work. happily baptised on 17 may 2008.riverlife church is my second home so come visit me. netball is my passion, dance is my soul, God is my life.want to know more about me? read my blog (=


♥ have a passion for the Lord's works
♥ missions to India
♥ play and play and play!
♥ get a shooting star
♥ white hairband
♥ never ending supply of choco
♥ to have never ending joy
♥ to dance with you
♥ to live for God and only God
♥ for you to stay happy(=


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